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Kooperation bei EQU:WIN

EQU:WIN Consulting

Our mission is to provide top-notch consulting in change and transformation management. With a wealth of experience and a team of interdisciplinary specialists, we support change requirements in companies ranging from large corporations to NGOs.

We serve as your professional partner, no matter what challenges call for change management, from post merger integrations, personnel restructuring, IT rollouts with the associated process and role requirements, cultural programmes, organisational development or strategic re-orientation, right through to developing new business units or motivational programmes to introduce new working environments.

EQU:WIN Academy

Professional change management poses special challenges; solid expertise is our stock-in-trade. Aimed at managers, multipliers and consultants, the EQU:WIN Academy successfully develops skills in the wide-ranging disciplines that form part of change and transformation management.

As change always entails self-management, resilience and the capacity for self-organisation, we offer complementary intensive seminars on personal development.

One current focus of the EQU:WIN Academy is implementation expertise in establishing agile business areas and development units.

Client feedback

EQU:WIN does not look at change through a social romantic lens. It is all about productivity, which we achieve by means of a shared system of values. I like this approach.

CEO, service sector

Ensuring IT freedom through prison workshops and other unconventional methods – without EQU:WIN, this project would have hit a brick wall.

Project sponsor, DAX enterprise

They persevere to the bitter end.

Middle management, engineering industry

I have no idea how they do it but I have observed them in another project. We need them to see this project through in our organisation.

Project manager, process implementation

EQU:WIN provided the oil that lubricated the hinges of our organisation.

Head of department, production

The change campaign succeeded in implementing what we had been unable to do for four years; they also kept a lid on politics.

Programme manager, financial sector

Agile expertise is no longer in short supply. The teams have to learn how to function effectively as teams, which is why we are getting changers in.

Organisation manager, service development

Scores of consultancies offer methods. We wanted somebody we could trust and who was a good fit for us.

Head of department, development