Our approach

Our way of working

At EQU:WIN, change and transformation management is characterised by:

  • The scope of the task, from drawing up the new strategy through to actively implementing the changed roles on the ground.
  • Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue on all aspects of a good story to ensure that the change is understood. In a nutshell: a well-constructed change communication campaign.
  • The skilful orchestration of different measures, planned to run like clockwork, then thrown completely overboard every now and then to make allowance for the dynamics.
  • Sufficient staying power from the first goal-setting workshop for top management to the final implementation in all the areas affected, through the ups and downs of the political momentum.
  • A sure instinct from handling the group dynamics of a workshop to mentoring central multipliers in individual coaching sessions.
  • A focus on the organisation's empowerment and self-learning, turning the change process into an opportunity for further development for one and all.

Our perception of change

Professional change management poses special challenges; solid expertise is our stock-in-trade, along with our consultants' ability to connect with top management or the service staff at reception.

After all, an organisation only becomes a living, breathing entity – headed for success – if the majority are willing to collaborate.

Change affects every level!

Successful change management projects skilfully orchestrate an entire package of intervention measures at the various organisational levels, from involving the executives to the multiplier strategy, communication, enabling by means of training programmes, keeping a lid on the political momentum through to performance assessment.