EQU:WIN Philosophy

Help others evolve - good people bring out the good in other people.

equwin- kerstin.gollner

Kerstin Gollner, founder of EQU:WIN

"Why spend time on change management? I often ask myself the very same question. After all, work takes up our precious time. I find two elements of our specialist area particularly fascinating:

  1. People are capable of incredible feats, especially when they are motivated to pool efforts because they share a goal. Everyone pulls together – that is the basis of human survival. If people get bogged down in micropolitics or pursue their own interests, this means fewer benefits for everyone.
  2. Organisations are intriguing microcosms. Individual employees are like the cells in a living organism. Processes and structures are the framework, sometimes the corset, while culture and mindset serve as autopilots. The true impact of the interaction depends on whether the cells are properly connected to the greater whole.

Our task is to manage the multifaceted dynamics of both elements. As a discipline, change management requires a great deal of responsibility and a solid set of values. Our work affects many people and moulds structures. This work should consist of continual positive reinforcement and take the whole organism to the next stage of development."