Change and awareness campaign, including building a network of multipliers

How can we prevail on over 100,000 staff to handle company information in a responsible manner?

DAX GROUP, 2 years

Task: Group-wide awareness campaign on information protection and establishment of a global network of representatives in charge of information protection. Enabling for employees in their new roles.

Communication: Conceptual design, implementation/production & rollout management of an orchestrated campaign:
communications mission, branding, style guide, integrated website for communication & training,
several film clips, viral communication elements, guerilla & ambient marketing, social media & PR.

Change intervention: Conceptual design of strong guerilla behavioural intervention, conducted by multipliers in individual areas to achieve a dynamic penetration of the entire organisation.

Multipliers: Set up and oversee a powerful community of 200 multipliers as designated information protection representatives, who raise awareness for compliance with the information protection guidelines, enabling managers and employees in the individual corporate divisions in this regard.

Enabling: Develop a modular toolbox to support multipliers in carrying out their role (e.g. draw up peer-group & dialogue formats, catalogue of intervention measures, etc.)

Skills development: Conceptual design & production of training formats for specific target groups, namely managers and employees: short, goal-oriented e-learning units (learning nuggets, web-based training) & interactive modules (e.g. gaming elements), integrated in established executive training courses.

Large group events: Planning & execution of interactive, community-building events with up to 300 participants.

Controlling: Quantitative & qualitative monitoring of the group-wide status quo regarding the awareness of information protection.