Change support for the group-wide launch of flexible working environments

How can we establish future-oriented working environments throughout the group with additional benefits for the company and its employees?


Task:  Introduce desk sharing, mobile work, Office 365 (10 projects, approx. 6,000 staff). Shift from the existing presence culture to a focus on results and roll out new cooperation model. Support and enabling of managers.

Rollout: Provide implementation support according to the reference model in 10 projects with a total of 6000 affected individuals.

Communication: Plan the change architecture and management with a clear milestone schedule, including change communication, change story, executive enabling, change agents and employee involvement.

Analysis: Interviews and workshops with central stakeholders and senior experts to consolidate key success factors and critical obstacles, reinforce learning and best practice.

Toolbox: Develop a toolbox concept (reference model) for the standardised, company-wide launch of flexible working environments.

Leadership enabling: Compile target-group specific, didactical change guides for the various target populations concerned, with step-by-step instructions for the entire change process (lifespan: 18 months).

Controlling: Develop the project controlling function, including relevant templates and (escalation) measures.