Comprehensive restructuring of a non-profit foundation

How can we enhance the project landscape to yield genuine leverage and prevent everybody from dissipating their energy due to helper syndrome?


Task: Roll out appropriate project management throughout the foundation and realign individual foundation projects with the aim of increasing efficiency (e.g. by drawing up a business and project plan, improved resource management, etc.).

Communication: Enhance the vision and the mission, both for the foundation as a whole and for individual projects.

Change intervention: Team-building workshops in the individual project teams and at the interfaces. Regular project reviews with management.

Skills development: Increase self-management skills by means of methodology training in the individual project teams.

Supervision: Initiate scenario assignments and working sessions to prioritise the areas of focus/projects with corresponding allocation of financial & personnel resources.

Leadership guidance: Long-term strategic project planning, including strategic communications planning, with the aim of effectively positioning the services provided by the foundation for key stakeholders.

Controlling: Regular results and learning reviews with the project teams and management.

Change and awareness campaign, including building a network of multipliers

How can we prevail on over 100,000 staff to handle company information in a responsible manner?