Develop a process to encourage employee involvement

How can we replace a mindset that has taken root over many years and reinvigorate a process?

DAX GROUP, 2 years

Task: Develop the integration process for employees with health-related impairments and test the approach in teams on the shop floor.

Rollout: Support the process implementation and further measures as part of the new corporate strategy at three pilot locations, provide special support to the local project team.

Communication: Prepare and implement communication formats for specific target groups at the pilot locations. Organise large group events.

Change intervention: Conceptual design and realisation of different workshop formats to establish a new mindset and ensure the success of the process implementation.

Leadership enabling: Workshops with the key stakeholders to optimise the existing process with regard to the group-wide objectives and integrate best practices at all locations, including the ongoing conceptual design and fine-tuning the coordination with the central project team.

Skills development: Conceptual design and execution of didactical skills development programmes for the central process owners (e.g. develop an interactive process simulation in the form of a game).