Gradual introduction of a new ERP system

How can we assure the completion of a project that had been delayed for years and persuade the employees to leave their comfort zone?


Task: Introduce an ERP system for active use in the face of employee opposition that stems from their limited understanding of the problem.

Rollout: Gradual introduction of a new ERP system at an engineering SME with over 100 staff.

Communication: Develop a change story for the ERP rollout to overcome reservations/rejection among employees, design a step-by-step dialogue concept.

Change intervention: Integrate all process steps and chains in the new system to ensure the proper mapping and documentation of all process steps from the outset.

Leadership enabling: Sparring with project management (project & change management) with a particular focus on communication, cost and resource management. Conflict and escalation management, ongoing sparring and coaching with the management team.

Skills development: Prepare a training concept for all users and carry out the training courses.