Group-wide reorganisation in the wake of new in-house core services

How do we maintain motivation levels among 2,000 employees who are to be assigned new tasks as part of an outsourcing strategy over the next 3 years?


Task: Provide guidance during restructuring of 2000 staff.

Rollout: Phase I: Maintain motivation and efficiency in the transition phase, during which production has to run at full capacity. Phase II: Provide personalised support to employee groups during reorientation and reassignment to other production areas.

Communication: Prepare information and create dialogue formats for specific target groups.

Process: Develop a control process and a toolbox for the employees involved from the specialist departments, HR, procurement and supplier management.

Supervision: Support and supervise the managers in dealing with change dynamics and the use of change tools.

Executive enabling: Training and enabling sessions for managers, management teams and HR managers on interaction with affected employees and teams. Complementary training courses on personal involvement and self-motivation.

Political management: Intervention in complex and highly politically sensitive restructuring processes, including general change communication for specific target groups (cascade communication for executives/employees).

Facilitation: Clarify roles and interfaces, provide support in managing the political process, e.g. with the social partner.