Increasing employee satisfaction across teams

How can we improve employee satisfaction in 180 teams and give all executive managers the opportunity to play an active part in making it happen?

Task: Following a staff survey, drive the leadership culture and the teams’ examination of their internal levers for improvement and prescribe specific individual measures.

Rollout: Coordination of over 180 workshops throughout Germany, with more than 10 trainers and over 1,600 participants within three months.

Communication: Draft change story and communicate the results in the form of communicative mission statements and messages.

Analysis: Company-wide analysis of the main areas of activity in terms of culture and leadership with resulting recommendations for senior management

Change intervention: Conceptual design and implementation of over 180 workshops (with a total of 1,700 participants and 160 executives) to present the results of the company-wide Gallup survey and develop specific areas for improvements in their personal sphere of influence.

Leadership guidance: Facilitation support and training for managers, coaching to define ways of changing their actions and specific to-do lists to improve team motivation.

Supervision: Introduce review formats with the managers for sparring to incorporate the measures and safeguard the implementation of specific measures.