Outsourcing of IT infrastructure services and set up of a governance organisation

How can we manage the global IT outsourcing of 6,600 servers with over 9,400 operating systems and 3,500 applications, in addition to a complex stakeholder landscape?


Task: Set up a new governance organisation, define roles and interfaces. Prepare and enshrine a cooperation model with the provider. Draw up and adjust a cascading rollout architecture. Prepare the organisation for the board resolution and assist with its implementation. Identify and evaluate project risks from a change perspective on an ongoing basis.

Rollout: Support the operative implementation of the outsourcing. Manage the subprojects’ interfaces to the provider and associated activities. Raise awareness among the target population for the mainstreaming and standardisation of processes.

Communication: Conceptual design of the change story, the development of the blueprint for the ‘new’ organisation,  target-group oriented Q&As, set up and implement regular global communication with the managers e.g. via video conference, design, prepare and brief top management on employee events all over the world, formulation and storylining for email and video messages.

Change intervention: Identify and evaluate project risks from a change perspective, design an appropriate change architecture, identify change agents at top management and manager level, initiate and contribute to negotiations/mediations between the parties involved.

Stakeholder management: Manage political processes and support the leadership and project teams in performing complexity management & prioritisation. Global stakeholder management in a complex project landscape with > 50 workstreams & numerous affected target groups.

Multiplier enabling: Carry out short-term change interventions with a team of experts. Dealing with underlying problems and emerging escalations to ensure the success of the project.

Leadership enabling: Didactical guidance, ongoing sparring & coaching of executives & project team.