Set up a new business unit, including merger

How can we guide an internal start-up through the maze of major corporations?


Task: Support the merger of two divisions into a new unit.Develop a new shared vision/mission, define clear role and accountability structures and re-draft the basic processes of comprehensive services.

Rollout: Finalise and establish organisational structures and skills matching. Restructuring based on stakeholder analysis and productivity sensor. Evaluate suitable standardisation processes, develop standard processes; define roles and responsibilities; launch standardised processes within the teams.

Communication: Blueprint process and vision identification, both for the new division and for individual teams; ensure they are put into practice/maintained in everyday working situations.

Change intervention: Cultural analysis and diagnostics. Devise a cultural initiative with a focus on self-empowerment. Team building within the overall changed organisation, including defining roles and developing new structures.

Leadership enabling: Support and sparring with the leadership team; conceptual design and support of large group events; executive sparring/coaching e.g. on how to cope with new managerial responsibility or handle difficult employees.