Strategic re-orientation of an international sales unit

How can we get an internationally fragmented sales team to pull together so that they not only reach their sales targets but exceed them?


Task: An international sales team under pressure must join forces to restructure the product portfolio and reorganise the entire sales division, without sacrificing performance.

Communication: Storylining for the details to analyse the requirements in the sub teams.

Skills development: Co-create the shared process definition and set the shared standards for client support.

Change intervention: Team building within the international country teams. Draw up a joint blueprint by incorporating specific goals and measures, create a team identity and a shared philosophy. Improve the team’s capacity for self-organisation by specifically developing communication intensity and voting rules, step by step.

Leadership guidance: Map out a new project and milestone schedule to reach the goals at the different levels (entire department, teams, individual employees).

Supervision: Elaborate the new roles and interfaces with the management team. Definition and commitment to reach joint objectives at the interfaces.