Support the introduction of a new matrix organisation

How can we prevent the introduction of a matrix organisation from becoming an inefficient struggle for power, which then spills over onto 1000 employees?


Task: Assist top management in analysing taboos and mindsets in the organisation that obstruct the collaboration between central functions and business units, and lead to conflict. Support the launch of a new cooperation structure between central and business units.

Communication: Intensive stakeholder management, fleshing out the corporate vision and assessing the implications for management.

Analysis: In individual interviews, measure the micropolitical dimensions and any beliefs or taboos that have a detrimental cultural effect.

Change intervention: Step 1: Prepare and organise diagnosis workshops for the affected managers at every interface. Step 2: Conduct workshops with subgroups of managers as a personal intervention and identification process for the managers at the same time.

Leadership guidance: Supervise the formal and informal opinion leaders in the political negotiation process.