Transformation Management Skills for Climate Protection Managers

Transformation Management Skills for Climate Protection Managers

The climate protection managers in municipalities and districts are facing the challenge to have to achieve huge transformation with only few resources in a short time. They are often confronted with this complex task as lonely wolves.

Experience shows that the necessary change process rarely fails because of the technical aspects, but all too often because of social and psychological aspects.

When it comes to major change tasks transformation knowledge has been successfully applied in industry for years. This knowledge collected from many projects and organizational dynamics can also be used by climate protection managers.

With this psychological, social and strategic know how, the opportunities to attract people, groups and organizations for the major transformation task increase, along with the motivation of relevant stakeholders to cooperate and accept the necessary measures.

The basic seminar on transformation knowledge for climate protection managers provides an important toolbox so that they can be more successful. The basic principles of change and transformation management are better understood and methodological skills for communication and dealing with resistance are developed.

The aim of the training is to impart and apply the transformation knowledge with concrete practical relevance for a participant’s specific project. In this way a high level of learning transfer takes place.


  • 19. – 21.10.2022 (Wed – Fri) for district climate protection manager
  • 26. – 28.10.2022 (Wed – Fri) for municipal climate protection managers


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